Understanding power, politics, policies, people and processes to improve governance for planetary health equity outcomes.

Join ARC Laureate Fellow Prof Sharon Friel and Laureate Research Fellows Drs Megan Arthur and Nick Frank as they showcase some of their Planetary Health Equity Hothouse research. Planetary health equity (PHE) is defined here as the equitable enjoyment of good health in a stable Earth system.

PHE is in crisis. Despite evidence of these massive challenges and multiple calls to action, why has there been so little effective remedial action? And more importantly, how can we overcome this failure?

To answer these questions, the Hothouse team will discuss new research for understanding power, politics, policies, people and processes that enable coherent governance to improve PHE outcomes.

About the speakers

Sharon Friel is an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow and Professor of Health Equity in the School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet). She is Director of the PHE Hothouse and Australian Research Centre for Health Equity (ARCHE) at the ANU.

Nicholas Frank is a Laureate Research Fellow with the PHE Hothouse at RegNet. Nicholas specializes in the political economy of trade and investment governance. Nicholas employs formal theory, econometrics, inferential network approaches, and text-as-data techniques in his research.

Megan Arthur is a Laureate Research Fellow with the PHE Hothouse at RegNet. She is an interdisciplinary qualitative researcher working at the intersection of social policy and public health, studying the politics of governance for health and wellbeing at multiple levels.

COVID protocols

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This seminar presentation is in-person only. Registration is not required for in-person attendance as neither the ANU nor ACT Health conduct contact tracing any longer.

If you require accessibility accommodations or a visitor Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan please email regnet.communications@anu.edu.au.

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