A series of webinars created by the Hothouse at ANU, discussing the intersections between climate change, inequity, and human health. The focus is on actions that enable transformative change away from the harmful consumptogenic system to systems that promote good health, social equity and environmental wellbeing.

In this episode, Sharon Friel, Megan Arthur and Nick Frank, will discuss the problem of the global consumptogenic system that generates intersecting climate change, social inequity, and health inequity crises, while drawing on emerging work from the ARC Laureate Fellowship Planetary Health Equity Hothouse.

In beginning to unpack the consumptogenic system that incentivises the excessive production and consumption of fossil fuel-reliant goods and services they will discuss ways in which the structure of global capitalism and different capitalist growth models undermine planetary health equity. They will also present a framework for pursuing governance for planetary health equity - and new lines of research that flow from this.

Event Speakers

Sharon Friel is an ARC Laureate Fellow and Professor of Health Equity.
Megan Arthur

Megan Arthur

Megan Arthur is a Laureate Research Fellow with the Planetary Health Equity Hothouse. She is a qualitative researcher interested in the governance of health and social policy, with a particular focus on non-state actor engagement and intersectoral policymaking.

Nick Frank

Nicholas Frank

Nicholas Frank is a Laureate Research Fellow with the Planetary Health Equity Hothouse in the School of Regulation and Global Governance. Prior to this, he was an Associate Lecturer in the School of Politics and International Relations at the Australian National University. Nicholas specializes in the political economy of trade and investment governance.



Event speakers

Megan Arthur
Nicholas Frank